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Disc made in sisal fabric cut on the cross and with concentric sewings.

Very hard and resistant to wear, it maintains its density and properties until its termination.
It is used in works of prepolishing and polishing of flat iron or stainless steel surfaces, such as household items, cutlery or stainless steel tubes.

With impregnation, its hardness and resistance increase, allowing a better supply of abrasive paste, eliminating many fine-grain felt grinding operations and providing a uniform and shaded finish.

Most common impregnations: S1, S3, E12, E25, E26, E28, BR, (see impregnations table)

External measurements: from 150 to 500 mm

Internal measurements:  50, 60, 80, 130, 150, 180, 230 mm

Centre: Metallic clamp.

Sewings: separation between sewings 5 or 10 mm

Thickness: 8 or 10 layers

>Cordg disc

>Scord disc

>Cord1 3v disc


Made in sisal rope  (9 ropes), set radially.

With iron ring (SCORD) or metallic clamp (CORDG). The Scord model is the union of two discs, sewn at the centre, whereas the CORD1 model is one unit. Depending on the weight of the rope, from least to most, the scale is: CORD1/ CORDG/ SCORD.

It is suited to an intense polishing without heating on different types of pieces, both smooth and with very marked outlines, since it has a great flexibility and adaptability. It is used in both manual and automatic machines.  To prevent the fibre from breaking, it is recommended to use it with a strong or weak  impregnation depending on the work to be done. It is recommended to use impregnations that increase the polishing paste retention power

Impregnations: S1, S3, E12, E25, E26, E28 (see impregnations table)

External measurements: from 100 to 400 mm

Internal measurements: 50, 60, 80, 130, 150, 180, 230 mm

Centre: Ring or Metallic clamp
Thickness: depending on the scale of rope weight, from 10 to 25 mm

>CORGM discs

>Corgm Group


Characteristics identical to those of the CORDG model. These discs are assembled with a metallic clamp with an hexagonal centre.

They are used in automatic machines mounted in series in the cutlery industries, or in portable manual machines in prepolishing and polishing work of stainless steels, welding cleaning, etc.

Impregnations: S1, S3, E12, E25, E26, E28 (see impregnations table)

External measurements: from 80 to 250 mm

Internal measurements: 19, 24 and 32 mm hexagonal

Centre: Metallic clamp

>Sk disc

>Sk disc with mortise


Brush made in sisal rope mounted on a plastic core with an hexagonal or round centre, with use characteristics similar to the rope models.

Manufactured in several widths. Straight or profiled finish.

It is used in automatic cutlery brightening machines or in portable manual stainless steel brightening machines.

Impregnations: See impregnations table

External measurements: from 70 to 150 mm

Internal measurements: 19, 24, 32 mm with an hexagonal centre.

Centre:  Plastic

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