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For the assembly in the machine of discs with a metallic clamp you have several centering plates in sheet metal and aluminium with the axis suited to each situation.

These plates are interchangeable, that is, they can be used several times as long as they show no defects or dents and they fit perfectly in the disc’s clamp, covering a good part of the tooth of the clamp.
For applications in automatic machines for polishing and repolishing aluminium, for example, it is necessary that, apart from the centering plate, there exists between the discs an appropriate separation so that the roller has a greater flexibility. This can be done either with the aluminium plate or with hard cardboard separators.

>Sheet metal centering plate with

>Several metal sheet plates with holes
and mortises

>Aluminium plate

>Tightening plate


>Claw plate

>Axis-rod for 19 hexagonal

>Radial support

>Nut reduction from 19 mm to 10 mm


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